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You DOMINATE the marketplace by getting more reviews for your product and appearing organically on top of Amazon search results (so you're more credible, visible and sell more).

But most sellers don't know how to achieve that.

That's where you can easily gain ADVANTAGE over your competition and create a profitable and sustainable business.

We’re the new, most cost-effective method to (1) boost your product to top of search results, (2) get you safe reviews and (3) triple your daily profit thanks to daily organic sales.

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With our METHOD you can rank your Amz product to DOMINATE your
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Our method uses high quality FULL-PRICE PURCHASES that
rank 10x in comparison to traditional giveaways

Our clients receive on average 56% VERIFIED,
SAFE reviews from blasts done with us


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Boom! You’re on Top!

Our method uses FULL PRICE PURCHASES, so in order to rank you don't need to giveaway 300-400 or more units, as is usually done on mass ranking platforms.

Our method blasts your product and BOOSTS ITS CONVERSION thanks to high quality verified reviews that follow, increasing your credibility


The Average Units Giveaway

Number To Reach Top 1st Page

With Our Method


Service Cost For Blasted Unit

Of Your Product


Number of Products We Tripled

Daily Sales & Profit For

Featured In

3 Simple Steps To Success

  1. You Sign Up to Our Service
    - Just Click “Get Started Now” button within 12 hours we'll set up your blast. It’s that easy
  2. We set your product blast for your chosen keywords.
    Within next couple days your blast is ready to go

    You start gaining reviews and appear higher in search results.
    You begin to make extra daily sales
  3. Your product reaches top Page 1 on Amazon. Safe, high quality verified reviews are coming in

    Your conversion rate increases significantly and you double/triple your daily profit. Even your amazon ads will perform much better as a result of our blast

The Results We Generate

For Our Clients

Please note that below ranking results are screenshots from Helium 10 keyword tracking tool, where we track results for our clients.

We believe one picture says more than 1000 words...

Especially when it shows how much you can grow with us and how much your conversions and sales can go up thanks to our service.

You Get 7 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee, so You Don't Risk Anything

We're incredibly proud to be the best solution on the market. To prove that  we provide all our clients with 100% 7 day full money back guarantee.

If for any reason you're not fully satisfied with our service within 7 days from making payment you can cancel your blast and we'll give all your money back, NO QUESTIONS asked.

You can also cancel our service at any time of the blast, and we'll refund you the cost of units we haven't blasted yet. So there's no risk for you.

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