Get Verified Reviews While Getting Ranked

We're a boutique marketing agency that helps our clients rank their amz products

Our goal is to triple your daily sales, rank your product to get in on the first page and get you high quality, verified reviews


Rank Without Giving Away Hundreds Units

Get Safe Verified Reviews That Stick

Double or Triple Your Daily Sales & Profit

Why Choose Our Service?

With our METHOD you can rank you amz product to DOMINATE your keyword niche and double or triple your income, thanks to two factors:  

Our method uses high quality FULL-PRICE PURCHASES that rank 10x in comparison to traditional giveaways.

Our clients receive on average 54-68% VERIFIED, SAFE reviews from blasts with us.

Our method uses FULL PRICE PURCHASES, so in order to rank you don't need to giveaway 300-400 or more units, as is usually done on mass ranking platforms.

While we’ll need to advise you on the specific size of your giveaway, our usual blast to get you to Top Page 1 is around 30-50 units

Our method blasts the product and BOOSTS ITS CONVERSION - thanks to high quality, safe & verified reviews that follow.

The Avarage Units Giveaway Number To Reach Top 1st Page With Our Method

The Avarage $ Cost Our Clients Pay For a Safe, Verified Review That Sticks

Number of Products We Tripled Daily Sales & Profit For

Dominate Amz In 3 Simple Steps

Just click on the 'Become Our Client' button. 

Within a couple of hours Angie, our VIP Client Specialist, will send you a message to help set up the first Rank & Review Blast for your product. 

In most cases, you'll be READY TO GO within 24 hours and will start improving your ranking, sales and, in the end, your daily profit! 

We’ll take a look at the product you want reviewed and talk to you about the keyword/s you'd like to rank for.

We'll calculate the amount of units that will best MEET YOUR GOALS, which will determine the total cost of running the blast. 

Our method utilizes only FULL-PRICE purchases to maximize your gains and easily rank you to TOP PAGE 1. 

You pay us the cost of your units plus a blast cost of $9.99 per unit - that's the full cost of your blast. 

Within the days following your payment, our private group of high-quality amzn customers will purchase of your product at full price. 

After 5-7 days, honest, verified and SAFE REVIEWS of your product will start coming in. 

Our clients average 54-68% review rate from our blasts. 

Our Recent Success Stories:

Mark - From $0/month to $43,000/month

"Started our struggling with my first product. Was confused, did some traditional ranking, some fb ads - nothing seemed to work. Then got recommended to use Alpha Raven. 

Currently have 7 products and 3 people team, launching in two new categories next month. Best decision ever."

Annie - From $9,500/month to $36,000/month

"I don't recommend Alpha Raven, because if I do, my competitors might just get better and make my life harder :)

But seriously, if you take all the fluff and want to make more money - you simply need reviews, so you convert better and ranking to sell more units organicaly. This is what we've been using Alpha Raven for. They've been my lifesavers."

Peter - From $77,000/month to $104,000/month

"We've already been an established brand but simply had products that no matter what we did, they didn't seem to work. 

Then we got introduced to Alpha Raven. They've been handling all our launches, reviews and ranking since. They might just be our most powerful asset."


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Angie, our VIP Client Specialist -

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