Amazon SEO — Get Steady Safe Sales?

Amazon SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is one of the most crucial elements of your business.

If you’re selling on amazon, you need to be optimizing for search results. That simply means positioning your product in the top of the search results for your desired keywords.

The top 10 results for each keyword will get 80% of the sales. So if you want to consistently get organic purchases, you need to master amazon SEO.

How to do that?

All you need is to blast your product for a period of time. Selling extra 10 units daily will give amazon algorithm feedback that customers are interested in your product. As a result, your listing will be pushed to top Page 1 for your desired keywords.

Here at Alpha Raven House we help brands to triple their daily sales by optimizing their listings and blasting the products. After a 7 to 10 days blast, your product will go to top of page 1, and you will start getting organic sales and profit every day.

It’s as simple as that.

And when you decide to use our service, we’ll not only rank your product to the top of search results, but you’ll also receive reviews. These reviews will help to skyrocket your conversions, and you’ll be able to stay at top Page 1.

We boast to be the most cost-effective solution for amazon SEO.

You can check yourself what we can do for your brand by visiting and becoming our client.

You can also check our Instagram profile, where we demonstrate the effects we’ve generated for our clients — how we get their products from position 300 for their keyword, to top Page 1 results. You can see for yourself here:

What Our Clients
Say About Us

Somer - From $77,000/month to $104,000/month

" We've already been an established brand but simply had products that no matter what we did, they didn't seem to work.
Then we got introduced to Alpha Raven. They've been handling all our launches, reviews and ranking since. They might just be our most powerful asset."

Annie - From $9,500/month to $36,000/mont

"I don't recommend Alpha Raven, because if I do, my competitors might just get better and make my life harder :) But seriously, if you take all the fluff and want to make more money - you simply need reviews, so you convert better and ranking to sell more units organicaly. This is what we've been using Alpha Raven for."

Mark - From $0/month to $43,000/month

"Started our struggling with my first product. Was confused, did some traditional ranking, some fb ads - nothing seemed to work. Then got recommended to use Alpha Raven. Currently have 7 products and 3 people team, launching in two new categories next month. Best decision ever."

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