Get Product Reviews on Amazon Safely

Yes, the marketplace has been changing a lot lately and it’s been harder and harder to get reviews.

Especially that wouldn’t involve RISKY or SHADY methods.

Old ways don’t work anymore. It’s harder than ever to succeed.

Our experts have been working with the best in the industry and witnessed the recent changes, how ranking became a problem, how reviews stopped coming in, how hard it became to promote your product and rise above the competition.

The secret is full-price Search Found Bought purchases, organic traffic that will convert to reviews at a good rate. Easier said than done though :(

That takes time and money, and you have to watch out for dodgy fb groups, contaminated reviewers etc — there are lots of traps. But if you do it right — you’ll succeed and be rewarded.

We provide a service of ranking and getting verified reviews for our clients ( — on average they receive 56% ranked giveaway units/reviews ratio. So if a client gives away 100 units with us, they get usually around 50–60 verified, safe reviews from that blast. I think we’re unique in the market and offer a service at a fraction of the cost.

But of course it’s possible to do it yourself, if you have a trusted group of couple hundred people who would want to buy your product, review it on Amazon and you can trust them.

I’m attaching a video that hopefully helps solve the “How to Get Product Reviews on Amazon” issue a bit.

If you’d like to talk more to us & potentially schedule a blast & get reviews with our service — just go to where you can get a free blast quote.

Good luck on your journey — it’s all about outsmarting the competition and being pro-active.

What Our Clients
Say About Us

Somer - From $77,000/month to $104,000/month

" We've already been an established brand but simply had products that no matter what we did, they didn't seem to work.
Then we got introduced to Alpha Raven. They've been handling all our launches, reviews and ranking since. They might just be our most powerful asset."

Annie - From $9,500/month to $36,000/mont

"I don't recommend Alpha Raven, because if I do, my competitors might just get better and make my life harder :) But seriously, if you take all the fluff and want to make more money - you simply need reviews, so you convert better and ranking to sell more units organicaly. This is what we've been using Alpha Raven for."

Mark - From $0/month to $43,000/month

"Started our struggling with my first product. Was confused, did some traditional ranking, some fb ads - nothing seemed to work. Then got recommended to use Alpha Raven. Currently have 7 products and 3 people team, launching in two new categories next month. Best decision ever."

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