Would you Rather Spend $750 or 7600$

How Much Does Alpha Raven Blast Cost?

Give us 2-3 minutes of your time to read this quick post. 

We'll show you why we consider ourselves the BEST CHOICE when it comes to launching, ranking and getting verified reviews. 

No fluff, no nice pictures, no motivational quotes. No BS. Just numbers.

Let's take an example product that you sell on amz for $20 per unit.

You want to rank for 2 strong keywords to start making daily organic profit, aiming for 15-25 aroundunits per day.
We would advise you to organise a blast with us for 50 units of your product.
Using our in-house SUPER-URL and RANK ALGORITHM, these units will be searched and then purchased at FULL-PRICE on Amzn.
50 units in most cases will be more than enough to get you a high rank and make your product profitable.

You will transfer the cost of the units as well as the blast cost per unit (so $20 (cost of unit) x 50 = $1000 + $9 per unit blast cost) - total is $1450.

However, because our users will be purchasing your product, the cost will come back to you, meaning the ACTUAL COST for products IS ONLY amazon fees - so that's about $6 per unit. The remaining will go back to your pocket when our reviewers buy your product.
So though you pay us $1450, your actual cost of ranking at the top of the first page for 2 keywords (and getting 10-20 extra organic sales daily) and getting around 28-35 verified, safe, 5 star reviews would only be $750 (the rest goes back to your amazon account).

So What Would You Get For This $750?

  • You’ll be ranked on first page for 2 strong keywords, allowing you to be in front of customers
  • You’ll get daily organic sales and gain momentum, so you start profiting and have a budget to grow your business
  • You’ll start maximizing your conversion rate as you’ll have 30+ reviews, meaning you won’t drop from first page of results
  • All that for a cost of $750

But wait...
You really should do your research. It could be you’ve heard there’s A BETTER DEAL somewhere else.
Or maybe $750 sounds like a big investment in the success of your product?
If you're a good Brand Manager you want to know the numbers. It's all about the profits and costs for your product in the end.
You're in for a ride. Let's talk about the COMPETITION and any ALTERNATIVES you are considering?
We promise honest numbers, no BS.

What If You Chose Another Rank Platform?

As a comparison, let's say you decided to use one of the old-way ranking platforms like SixL.., Viral Lau..., Last Laun... etc. The recommended giveaway units with these platforms for 2 keywords vary from around 400-500 units (feel free to check).
Let's say you decided on 400 units. That blast would cost you $2400 IN AMAZON FBA PRODUCT FEES ALONE. And you will still need to ADD THE COST of using these services, making it at least $2800 minimum.

But wait... THAT'S NOT ALL...
As these platforms are all about discounted sales, you would have less profits. So, to recap, from each unit you giveaway, saying you were looking at 400 units, you would have to minus your profit (as it's a discounted purchase giveaway).
These older services recommend you to discount your price by up to 90%.
Let’s say you weren’t prepared to discount your product by 90%. Even if you were to discount your product by just 60%, this discount would still come directly FROM YOUR POTENTIAL PROFIT! So for 400 units at $20 each you would need to count an additional $12 per unit cost for you to spend.
400 x $12 = additional $4800
That adds up... And TOTALS... Wait for it...

That Would Total You $7600 To Spend!

$7600 for ONE PRODUCT.
That would total a whopping $7600 to try to get your rankings up with these old companies, just for ONE PRODUCT.

Okay, stay with us, we’re nearly at the end.

Here comes the best part.
You've spent $7600 on a blast and... You don't get any verified reviews!
Any purchase discounted over 45% doesn't allow the customer to leave a review.
Once again... If you choose our competition...

It's Gonna Be 9 Times More Expensive... And You Won't Get Any Reviews!

Basically for the same price - if you choose Alpha Raven House over the competition:

  • You spend a fraction (9 times less!) of the money to make your product rank, sell and be profitable!

  • You could launch 9 different products, instead of 1

  • You could rank for 18 keywords, instead of 2

    and in the process of this you
  • Could get around 300-315 verified, honest reviews, instead of 0!



Just To Prove Our Point
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What Our Clients
Say About Us

Somer - From $77,000/month to $104,000/month

" We've already been an established brand but simply had products that no matter what we did, they didn't seem to work.
Then we got introduced to Alpha Raven. They've been handling all our launches, reviews and ranking since. They might just be our most powerful asset."

Annie - From $9,500/month to $36,000/mont

"I don't recommend Alpha Raven, because if I do, my competitors might just get better and make my life harder :) But seriously, if you take all the fluff and want to make more money - you simply need reviews, so you convert better and ranking to sell more units organicaly. This is what we've been using Alpha Raven for."

Mark - From $0/month to $43,000/month

"Started our struggling with my first product. Was confused, did some traditional ranking, some fb ads - nothing seemed to work. Then got recommended to use Alpha Raven. Currently have 7 products and 3 people team, launching in two new categories next month. Best decision ever."

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